Roma Opens Advent Calendar with Crayola surprise for kids

Roma opens Advent Calender with Crayola surprise for kids for Christmas!

CRAYOLA CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN Activity Advent Calendar A very nice Holiday Toys Surprise full of Art Stuff which is really best for Kids! It has crayons, crayon case, glitter crayons, scented marker, window markers, metallic crayons, modeling clay, modeling dough, glitter glue, crayola model magic which you can mold snowman, googly eyes, twistable crayons, washable crayons, crayola paint, crayola paint brush and crayola coloring pad.

Рома открывает Новогодний Адвент Календарь с Супер Сюрпризами Крайола! Лучший подарок для ТВОРЧЕСТВА!

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